Descrizione del prodotto

REVITALENZ® 2020 is a endoglucanase for use in powder laundry products. Adding a cellulase to a detergent is useful for the prevention and removal of broken cellulose fibers – ‘pills’ – which form on cotton fabrics. These pills give the fabric a worn and faded look. REVITALENZ® 2020 effectively hydrolyzes these cotton pills and prevents formation of new pills during the wash process. The reaction products are short cellulose chains that are transported away from the fabric via the wash liquor. This helps to enhance color, whiteness and leaves the cotton surface looking smooth and new. REVITALENZ® 2020 is the most effective way of protecting and renewing garments that are vulnerable to pilling. REVITALENZ® 2020 is based on ENZOGUARD® granulation technology of IFF that brings high storage stability and dissolution speed, excellent distribution properties and safety to work with.

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