Descrizione del prodotto

WACKER has settled on the latter and developed LIOSIL® eco – the world’s first silicone-based products for home care and cleaning applications, in which 100 % of the fossil-based components have been offset through the use of biomethanol from renewable raw materials. Certified according to strict criteria, the manufacturing process and use of biobased raw materials are continuously monitored by TÜV Süd. WACKER’s LIOSIL® eco offers a decisive competitive advantage in a market hallmarked by growing sustainability demands on the part of policy-makers and consumers.

Caratteristiche del prodotto

  • LIOSIL®eco Silicone Fluids (highly unreactive Good compatability Low tension surface Excellent water repellent
  • A hexamethyl disiloxane (Alternative to hydrocarbon solvents Carriere for Silicone Oils Lubricant Posish addtive Surface active agent
  • LIOSIL® eco MQ 803 pure white powder substantially free of volatile impurities Excellent additive to enhance water repellent properties of domestic care systems in polish increased soil resistance long lasting protection)

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