Descrizione del prodotto

"DENKA CSA#20 is a calcium sulphoaluminate, based expansive agent made by the Japanese company DENKA. It works compensating the hydraulic shrinkage of cementitious systems, and it prevents cracks formation. DENKA CSA#20 minerals hydration forms ettringite (3CaO · Al2O3 · 3CaSO4 · 32H2O), it reduces hydraulic shrinkage, and furthermore it acts expanding its volume. The effect by using DENKA CSA#20 is to densify the matrix by ettringite formation, to reduce the shrinkage, and to induce chemical stress to the product by restrained expansion."

Caratteristiche del prodotto

  • Minimize the cracking caused by drying shrinkage (Shrinkage compensation)
  • Induces a compressive stress in the system if properly restrained (Chemical Pre-stress)
  • Increase water tightness

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