A Feast For    The Senses
Indulgent Food Experiences

These days, health-conscious consumers are redefining “indulgence”: it no longer has to mean gorging on rich or processed food.


Indulgence can be found in enjoying a diverse array of carefully-prepared foods with fresh flavours and healthy ingredients. It also comes from appealing to all the senses in a single bite.


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Food Lovers & Delivery


Food lovers may be returning to restaurants, but they are also looking for delicious eating experiences at home, seeking out meal kits and ready meals that include special or hard-to-find ingredients alongside easy-to-follow instructions.


Product Opportunity


For brands, now is the time to get creative with taste profiles and textural contrasts. The key to success is not to go too far, too fast. Consumers love to explore global flavours like yuzu when paired with familiar, complementary favourites that offer a comforting sense of nostalgia, like lemon or red apple.


      Fergus Johnson                          Taste Director EMEA & Business                  Group Director MEAF





Interview with Food & Nutrition Taste Director

How can brands innovate to achieve novel sensory experiences for consumers?

One way to achieve this is by introducing new ingredients, or by deliberately  contradicting the senses. Why not try making a purple carrot gel to serve beside a golden beetroot gel? Our eyes and brain tell us that the orange gel should taste like carrot and the purple gel should have a beetroot flavour. By defying expectations, brands can create a fun challenge for the tastebuds, alongside a playful textural element that’s unexpected from a vegetable.


Cake Lolly

An unexpected twist on a candy classic

According to Innova Database 2020, three in five global consumers want to try new sensory experiences like aromas, tastes, textures and colours. Moreover, consumers are also looking more and more for sustainable and healthy products

Check out Vegan Cake Burger, a solution developed by IMCD Food Experts. This indulgent solution was created for a healthier, more conscious, and unexpected experience.


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Sustainability & Indulgence 
go hand in hand

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