Alubra® sodium stearyl fumarate is a comparatively hydrophilic lubricant widely used in capsule and tablet formulations. The fumarate moiety of Alubra® increases its melting temperature, which allows for greater functionality at high press speeds while the stearate chain maintains the lubricity of the compound and supports low ejection forces. Alubra® is also less susceptible to over-blending contributing to more flexible process conditions and reduced waste due to over blended batch failures. Alubra® is an effective tablet binder alternative to traditional lubricants and can reduce over-lubrication and incompatibilities with certain APIs across various dosage forms: orodispersible tablets, including orally disintegrating tablets; capsules; effervescent dosage forms; formulations containing poorly water-soluble drugs.


  • Lubricant

1 Trade grade

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