Delvo®Cheese starter cultures improve flavour and quality for game-changing cheese. Whatever cheese type is produced, DSM has developed a specific range of starter cultures. DSM cheese cultures have always been the starting point for great cheese and with DSM enzymes, they provide an ideal solution for all kinds of cheeses, depending on market and consumer needs. An extended shelf life in mozzarella for long-lasting cheese texture? Faster ripening times and unique flavours in continental cheese? Optimizing production? Whatever the need, DSM products will meet it. DSM's DVC (Direct to Vat Cultures) is a range of starter cultures with guaranteed activity for a wide range of cheeses: Delvo®CP for Mozzarella, Delvo®CH for Cheddar, Delvo®CT for Continental Cheeses, Delvo®CC for Cottage, Delvo®CS for Soft Cheeses, Delvo®CW for White Cheeses, and Delvo®SW for Swiss Cheeses. This culture deliver a full solution to the cheese.


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