inci-name: Ethylhexylglycerin


Lexgard SC-50 is a multifunctional skin conditioning agent that can aid the preservation of cosmetic formulations. It can be added to the oil or water phase of a cosmetic emulsion. When added to the water phase, it can create a biostatic environment that completely preserves the cosmetic product. Lexgard SC-50 may be used as an alternative undesirable preservatives. Lexgard SC-50 is an emollient, moisturizer and wetting agent which can be used in cosmetic emulsion systems such as skin care creams and lotions or in surfactant based products such as shower gels, bubble baths and shampoos. Lexgard SC-50 can also be used to control microbial growth. Use level of 0.5% w/w to 2.0% w/w. When used in emulsions, it is recommended that it be incorporated into the water phase. It is also suggested that glycols be added to maintain maximum partitioning in the water.phase. Is also soluble in oils and may be used in anhydrous formulas.

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