Our long-term growth centres on the opportunities that we create – and then deliver for our partners.

As a leading speciality chemicals and ingredients distribution partner, we believe we have an important role to play in society by helping our principal partners to market, sell and distribute their products, and our customers to formulate products that create a more sustainable future. That’s why we are endlessly curious, staying ahead of industry trends and investing in new capabilities for our constantly evolving markets. 

We strive to be the global sales partner of choice – trusted by suppliers and customers for first-class technical expertise and solutions that help them innovate and align their business operations to realise their goals.

Our strategy is supported by a strong culture and the following values:


We recruit candidates who show entrepreneurial capabilities or experiences, so they can succeed in our continuously evolving industry.

Freedom to act

We want our people to make the best use of their talents. We believe that the best decisions are those taken close to the local market.


We value long-lasting and positive relationships with suppliers and customers.

Integrity and trust

are non-negotiable for our business.

Financial discipline

We always strive to show transparency in our finances and transactions and report in a timely manner.

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Developing new opportunities
As a company, we never take our eyes of the future. That’s why we are endlessly curious, staying ahead of industry trends and investing in new capabilities for our constantly evolving markets. Whether it be through our sustainability initiatives or by embracing new digital practices, we remain at the forefront of progress and help those we work with do the same.
Digital Transformation
We actively explore ways to optimise our services through digitalisation, enabling us to create better experiences for our customers. We have implemented a number of systems and digital tools to enhance our existing processes. These include, but are not limited to, using AI and data collection to support business intelligence, and a customer portal providing 24/7 access to relevant product and commercial data.
Talent development & culture
We are proud of our people and consider them to be our greatest asset. Our value lies in our expertise, our commercial relationships and the quality of the people managing these relationships. In a very technical world of speciality chemicals, we need to attract and hire capable employees and provide an environment in which they can flourish. Our culture is the glue that unites our talent across geographies, helping to integrate newly acquired businesses quickly and creating winning teams - in Germany and all over the world.

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