Our values not only define our company, but our people too

IMCD is proud of its people and culture and considers

them to be its most valuable asset by far. Here's why.

We have no factories, no products of our own, meaning

the value of the company lies in our brand and, more

importantly, in the commercial partnerships, we have

established with suppliers and customers all over the

globe, in the quality of the people who manage those

relationships, and in the people who lead and support them in various functions.

IMCD sees itself as a professional services company active in the sales and distribution of speciality chemicals and ingredients and the quality of our offerings to customers and suppliers is to a large extent driven by the knowledge, capabilities, and specialities of our employees. People who join us typically bring their speciality- a wealth of knowledge of speciality chemicals and ingredients.

Entrepreneurship is one of our core values, which we apply for instance when we hire senior managers from external sources: in our interview process we select individuals with proven entrepreneurial experiences or capabilities. Finding highly educated, knowledgeable talent in the chemical industry is not an easy task, and we make it even harder by insisting on the candidate having previous entrepreneurial experiences; after all, we know very well what type of individual will flourish in IMCD.

Freedom to act
Freedom to act is another value that allows the type of person described above to make best use of their talents. We believe that the best decisions are those that are taken close to the local market and benefit our customers and we don’t want to stifle sound local judgement with too many centralised policies, processes, rules and regulations.
Partnership is the third of our IMCD values. Some business cultures thrive through constructive conflict and competition; in IMCD, however, we value employees who develop and maintain positive partnerships
Integrity and trust
Integrity and trust are non-negotiable and are as valid in a small country in an emerging market as in a large country with a mature market. Our country Managing Directors are the guardians of this value; they know and apply our business principles on a daily basis. We have zero tolerance for anyone who displays conduct or takes decisions not aligned with our values.
Financial discipline
We report our finances and financial transactions transparently and in a timely manner through global ERP and Business information systems. When we acquire a company, we immediately start a change process to implement our integrated risk and control framework together with our global IT systems and applications.


Our commitment to all employees is that we provide equal opportunities to all