Market Segments

We deliver our products to polymer or chemical manufacturers dealing with the following applications or chemistries:

Polymer / Resin Producers

Acrylic Resin Producer
Polystyrene Producer
Polyterpene Resin Producer
Alkyd Resin Producer Polyether Producer Polycarbonate Producer
Cellulosic Resin Producer Polyolefin Producer Synthetic Rubber / Elastomer (SBR, NBR) Producer
Epoxy Resin Producer Polyurethane Producer Amino / Phenolic / Furan Resin Producer
Polyamide / Polyimide Producer Silicone Producer Vinylpolymer Producer
Polyester Resin Producer Fluorinated Resin Producer  

Performance Chemicals Producers 

 Additive Producers  Aroma Producer  Phenol & Derivative Producer
 Ester Producer   Pigment / Dye / Filler Producer  Monomer Producers
 Biocide Producer  Lubricant & Fuel Additive Producer  Starch Derivate Producer
 Catalyst Producer  Nitric Derivative Producer  Inorganic Chemistries 
 Surfactant Producer  Rubber Additive / Sulphur Derivative Producer  

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