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Towards greener and cleaner laundry

Consumers are always looking for products that make their lives easier, and laundry products are no exception. Convenient, but less sustainable, laundry capsules are gaining market share from liquid laundry options and the traditional powdered detergents, which still come out best in consumer tests. However, consumers also want convenient products to be sustainable: they should have less plastic and need fewer resources to manufacture and distribute.


We developed a new liquid laundry concentrates in response to consumer trends and demands for ‘greener’ solutions, reduced packaging and lower water consumption during manufacturing. We wanted to simplify current manufacturing and formulation processes and create new formulations that perform equally well and ensure clean laundry. Although liquid laundry capsules are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their convenience, they do have their limitations. Consumers cannot alter the dose to match the size of their load, degree of soiling, or the water hardness in their area.

“We always strive to develop and deliver formulations that respond to consumer needs. Knowing that sustainability and efficacy are top requirements for our liquid laundry customers, we were proud to develop a concentrate that is not only more ecological and more efficient, but that is also economical.”

Claudia Sturm

Application Laboratory Manager

Cost-effective eco cleaning

There are many formulation and processing constraints for manufacturing liquid laundry concentrates. The solution was not simply to double the amount of active ingredient. We set out to deliver a concentrate that:

• further enhances convenience compared to traditional powdered detergent;

• requires less packaging;

• eliminates the complicated requirements of encapsulating a liquid in water-soluble films.


Our objective was to develop a 25ml liquid concentrate from economical, to eco-balanced and ecological formulations. We also needed to ensure product stability for at least four weeks at temperatures ranging from 5 to 37°C, and deliver no reduction in the efficacy of the product.


Leading through innovation

We now have three families of liquid laundry concentrate to offer customers. Thanks to our thorough development and testing, our new formulations elevate laundry performance and are ready for immediate use. The impact on water consumption is significant: they enable our customers to benefit from up to 95% reduction in water consumption during manufacturing.

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