The 2030 Agenda: The journey towards the Sustainable Development Goals


The world is facing massive challenges which involve a wide range of themes. In this context, IMCD Italy is promoting several projects and initiatives aimed at making a concrete contribution both in environmental and social terms within its own community.

 In September 2015, 193 United Nations Member States adopted a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity that took the name of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It incorporates 17 Sustainable Development Goals (also known as Global Goals or SDGs) into an action program covering 169 targets or milestones. The official launch of the Global Goals coincided with the beginning of 2016, guiding the world on the way to go over the next few years: the countries, in fact, are committed to achieving them by 2030.¹


States are not the only entities called upon to contribute: the strong involvement of all components of society is necessary instead, from companies to the public sector, from civil society to philanthropic institutions, from universities and research centres to operators of the information and culture. 


"The participation in Stem in the City and the partnership with Forestami are examples of how the whole team is actively involved in CSR projects that aim to improve the lives of those around us, contributing to a better future for the communities in which we live and work” highlights Giulia Bedini, Human Resources IMCD Italy.




In collaboration with the Global Thinking Foundation (GLT) - whose mission is to promote a culture of economic citizenship among vulnerable groups, from less fortunate students to families and savers, supporting the SDGs of the Agenda 2030 - IMCD Italy hosted a meeting with Alessandra Maci, GLT Sustainability Project Manager. 


The event has been the occasion to share and analyse the dimensions of sustainable development. What criteria help determine the sustainability and ethical impact of business activities? What is meant by Green Economy and Circular Economy?

The team discussed these key topics, thinking about what actions we can implement in our daily life, as individuals and as a company, to continue being an active part of the journey toward sustainable development.



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