IMCD Italy embraces sustainability in a team building experience with Biorfarm

Over the past few days, IMCD Italy colleagues had the opportunity to enjoy an immersive team-building experience at the Piedmont-based Luca Leggero farm in the Biorfarm network, the digital farming community that supplies the Milan office with delicious organic fruit every two weeks.

​​Biorfarm is committed to preserving Italian biodiversity and supporting small-scale local farmers. Joining the "Save the Farm" project, IMCD Italy has adopted a real orchard, from which the fruit that supplies the offices comes from. 

The visit was an opportunity for colleagues to strengthen their team spirit and renew their commitment to a sustainable approach to product formulation and distribution.

On this occasion, IMCD Italy's Nutraceutical team shared valuable information with colleagues about the applications being studied and developed in the company's laboratories. This initiative shows how committed IMCD is to the research and development of products that improve people's lives. Starting with nature.