Food for…
thought at IMCD Italy


With 80-100 billion nerve cells, known as neurons, the human brain is capable of some surprising feats. Neurons are organised into patterns and networks within the brain and communicate with each other at incredible speeds. The performance of the human brain is based on an interaction between genetics and external environmental factors, including diet. Food and nutrition are therefore essential in maintaining our everyday routine efficient and balanced.

To understand the central role of science in each stage of our daily life, during Brain Awareness Week, IMCD Italy partnered for an initiative with BdC School, an institution whose teaching method is 50% in Italian and 50% in English. BdC School is a recognised Cambridge school, which implements internationally recognised programs and certifications that accompany students from primary education to middle and pre-university studies.


At IMCD, we are extremely passionate about driving the conversation around education, the future and health. And what better way to do this than talking to the future of tomorrow.


Monica Righi, HSEQ Food Regulatory Specialist at IMCD Italy, caught up with the students and their teacher Marta Garofalo to talk more about the function of the brain and its health from a nutrition perspective

"You are what you eat" is a famous quotation from the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, suggesting that the food one eats has a bearing on one's state of mind. Research shows that the best brain foods are the same ones that protect your heart and blood vessels , and so Monica took the kids through the elements that fuel both our body and mind. This special session culminated in an exercise where the students created their own menus. By curating a dinner menu with a first course, second course, and dessert, students incorporated what they learned about the necessary vitamins needed for a balanced, brain-healthy diet into practical understanding and connection to daily life.

The students showed their enthusiasm and curiosity around the topic, and left some comments:

“Today we learned that to memorise and remember you need a balanced diet”. P. 11 years old


“Monica held a very nice lesson and the images of the vegetables helped me to understand where I can find the important vitamins”. E. 9 years old


“I learned that sugar is very useful in our diet, but it must be healthy”. K. 8 years old


“I didn't know that so many different foodstuffs contain water. I learned new things and now I want to improve my diet”. L. 8 years old


“Today's experience was a truly instructive opportunity,” said Monica Righi at the end of the event. “Both for the students, because I hope they have discovered something new about how food can help keep the brain healthy, active and "nourished", and for me because I was able to challenge myself with their eagerness to know. They asked many questions and actively participated. 

Knowledge is definitely the main "super-food" we always need.