TF224 - Random Tumble Pilling Tester

Random Tumble Pilling Tester is an instrument specifically designed to evaluate the pilling and fuzzing characteristics of textiles through a random tumble environment in order to test the pilling and fuzzing performance of textile fabrics.
It uses stainless steel impellers that rotate within individually lit aluminium chambers, constantly rolling the fabrics against the cork liners for a predetermined time controlled by a timer and audible alarm. 

Compressed air is also injected into the chamber to aid the rolling action. Two or four pilling chambers are possible. 

Standard laboratory compressed air supply is required. 
Test cylinder dimensions: Diameter 145 mm, depth 152 mm
Rotational speed: 1200 r / min
65 Kg - 2 Stations
86 kg - 4 Stations
220 / V 110
50 / 60 Hz
2 Stations: 530 mm  x 380 mm  x 750 mm (L x L x A)

4 Stations: 730 mm x 370 mm x 570 mm (L x L x A)

International standard
ASTM D3512

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