TF116 - Tester di flessione Bally​

Bally Flexing Tester, is designed to test the flexing strength of leather and fabric. The flexing tester complies with ISO 5402, ISO 32100, SATRA TM55, DIN 53351, BS-3144 and so on.


Bally Flexing Tester is designed to test resistance to bending or other types of failure in bending folds.
The flexometer is applicable to all flexible materials, in particular leather, imitation leather less than 3.0 mm thick and other coated fabrics, sheet materials, etc.
In the flexometric test method, performed by this instrument, the specimen is bent with the surface to be tested inwards and clamped in an upper movable clamp and with the surface to be tested outwards in a lower fixed clamp.
The movement of the upper clamp causes a crease in the test specimen to slide with it. The test specimen is periodically examined for damage.
Stations: 12
Counter: 1 ~ 999,999 times
Weight: 50 Kg
Dimensions: 780 mm x 450 mm x 360 mm
Power: 220/110 V, 50/60 Hz
International standard
ISO 5402 ISO 32100 SATRA TM55 DIN 53351

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