Roughness and Surface Profile

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Elcometer 122 - Testex® Replica Tape

The Elcometer 122 Testex® tracing tape is designed to provide a permanent cast of the surface profile, which can then be measured with a thickness gauge.

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Elcometer 125 - Surface comparators

These extremely resistant Elcometer 125 surface comparators allow to estimate the surface profile of grit or sandblasted surfaces.​​

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Elcometer 224 - Integrated Digital Surface Profile Meter

Fast, accurate and very easy to use, the Elcometer 224 Integrated Digital Surface Profile Meter is available with or without memory and Bluetooth®.

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Elcometer 7062 - Surface roughness meter

Surface roughness meter is a lightweight and portable measurement solution for surface roughness measurements needed to ensure compliance with international standards.

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