QUV Accelerated Weathering Testers

The QUV accelerated aging tester, performing alternating cycles of light and condensation, reproduces the damage caused by UV radiation from sunlight, rain and dew. In a few days or weeks the QUV tester can reproduce the damage that occurs in months or years of exposure to the outside. The new generations (GEN 4), further improved have unique features, equipped with dual digital touch screen display, built-in calibrator and USB and Ethernet output. QUV testers can perform all national and international standards (ISO, UNI, DIN, ASTM, AATCC, etc.) of UV accelerated aging, in multiple fields of application.

Basic version of the instrument, without radiation control, it is suitable for performing quality control tests inside laboratories with a limited budget. The stability of the radiation is controlled by a periodic repositioning and replacement of the lamps. The QUV Base has the condensate system for dew simulation, but it does not have the spray. This model maintains the GEN 3 controller, with simple touchpad controls and LCD display.


The QUV GEN 4 version, equipped with a SOLAR EYE system for radiation control, allows precise and constant monitoring of the intensity of UV radiation inside the chamber. The QUV/se has the condensation system for outdoor moisture simulation. It allows faster, more reproducible tests, is equipped with more durable lamps and calibration is in accordance with international regulations.


The QUV/Spray has the same characteristics as a QUV/se but also includes a system of spray nozzles between the lamps, thus reproducing both thermal shock and mechanical erosion, caused by rain. The QUV/spray allows you to perform cycles of UV radiation, condensation, rain and even a combination of light and humidity.

Water Recirculation System

Q-Lab offers an advanced optional water purification system for QUV/spray. This accessory can be mounted at the factory or installed on testers later. The main components include: a water tank, a pump, a flow control valve, a recirculated water filtration system and a conductivity meter to monitor water quality. The water purification system is fully integrated into the tester under the test chamber.

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UV light is widely used in ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI): a technique used to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria. UVC light has a short wavelength and is able to degrade the materials and surfaces it disinfects. QUV/uvc uses UVC lamps, which radiate concentrated light at 254 nm, simulating photodegradation resulting from exposure to UVC light; it is not equipped with condensation and water spray.


Some markets have test methods that specify cool white lamps for indoor photo-stability tests. To reproduce indoor lighting conditions, the QUV cool white has a modified SOLAR EYE irradiance control system to monitor and control the light output of cool white fluorescent lamps.

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