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Q-SUN Xe-3 H​

Q-SUN full-size base reproduces the full spectrum of sunlight, it is possible to set and control radiation, room air temperature, black panel and relative humidity. This model maintains the GEN 3 controller, with touchpad and LCD display.

Q-SUN Xe-3 HSE​ / GEN 4

New generation version that allows you to reproduce the full spectrum of sunlight and weather simulation through the water spray system. It allows the control of radiation, chamber air temperature, black panel and relative humidity.


Version with cooling system of the chamber (chiller) of the model Xe-3 HSE, of which it retains all the characteristics. The version with Chiller is suitable for testing materials for which temperature is a critical parameter such as products in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Q-SUN Xe-3 HBSE​ / GEN 4

It maintains the characteristics of the Q-SUN Xe-3 HSE, but in addition it is equipped with a double front and rear water spray system (back) with grid tray for weather simulation for the execution of regulations such as SAE J 2527 ASTM G 155 cycle 7 and 7A.

Q-SUN Xe-3 HDSE​ / GEN 4

It is the only Xenon Tester that also has an optional device with double spray system in the upper of the chamber. Equipped with a tank and a pump that allow you to spray on the samples special solutions such as acid rain or soapy water for the execution of the ASTM D7356 standard.

Water repurification system (optional)​

Unlike competing devices that simply recirculate dirty water, Q-Lab offers an advanced water recirculation and repurification system that helps to significantly reduce consumption. Given the high costs of pure water required for the spray, the Q-Lab recirculation system allows the same water to be reused several times through a series of filters.

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GEN 4* latest generation of instruments with higher performance and long-lasting lamps, equipped with dual digital touch screen display and built-in calibrator that makes it possible to calibrate via external certified sensor with USB and Ethernet output.

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