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Q-SUN base reproduces the full spectrum of sunlight, it is possible to set and control both the radiation and the temperature of the black panel.  This model maintains the GEN 3 controller, with touchpad and LCD display.


Q-SUN spray of GEN 4*. new model with higher performance and equipped with long-lasting lamps reproduces the full spectrum of sunlight and through the spray system reproduces the damage caused by rain. Equipped with dual digital touch screen display and built-in calibrator.


Q-SUN WATER IMMERSION by GEN 4* reproduces the aging tests with the samples immersed in a temperature-controlled water bath, as required in some international regulations. Equipped with automatic water filling and drain control and dual digital touch screen display. ​​​

Water repurification system (optional)

Unlike competing devices that simply recirculate dirty water, Q-Lab offers an advanced water recirculation and repurification system that helps to significantly reduce consumption. Given the high costs of pure water required for the spray, the Q-Lab recirculation system allows the same water to be reused several times through a series of filters. 

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Q-SUN base but GEN 4* with cooling system (chiller), is used to lower the temperature of the test when performing tests on temperature-sensitive materials.  The chiller system in the Xe-1 model is designed to be integrated into the instrument and consequently forms its support base.


This model (Spray-Chiller) of GEN 4* fully maintains the characteristics of the previous instrument with the addition of a spray system. 

GEN 4* latest generation of instruments with higher performance and long-lasting lamps, equipped with dual digital touch screen display and built-in calibrator that makes it possible to calibrate via external certified sensor with USB and Ethernet output.

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