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Q-SUN lightfastness and weather resistance test chambers reproduce damage caused by the full spectrum of sunlight and rain. In a few days or weeks, they can reproduce the damage that occurs in months or years of exposure to the outside. Each tester is equipped with the SOLAR EYE system for monitoring the test parameters, using sensors. The testers have air-cooled lamps and are designed a great simplicity and reliability management and economic maintenance. All new generation Q-SUN (GEN 4) have integrated calibrator,
UBS output, datalogging via ethernet and a double digital touch screen display of extreme simplicity and available in Italian. The VIRTUAL STRIPCHART software allows you to monitor and record the test conditions. QSUN testers can perform tests that comply with the most important national and international regulations (ISO, UNI, DIN, ASTM, AATCC, etc.) in multiple fields of application. The Xenon Q-SUN test chambers are available in three different models and numerous versions according to the regulations to be performed:
Q-SUN Xe-1​

Bench model equipped with a single xenon arc lamp, available in the basic versions, with water spray system and chamber cooling system (chiller). The instrument is equipped with a removable and removable tray measuring 25 × 46 cm, on which both flat and 3D samples can be housed.

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Q-SUN Xe-2​

Model with rotating sample holder, Q-SUN Xe-2 has a capacity of 31 samples of 45 × 132 mm.  It has a single air-cooled central lamp, economical, highly efficient and long-lasting. It provides precise control of all critical test parameters including light spectrum, radiation, relative humidity, chamber temperature and insulated/non-insulated black panel temperature. It is available in the version with water spray. Q-SUN Xe-2 is the simplest and most reliable rotating sample holder instrument available on the market.

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Q-SUN Xe-3

Full-sized model, Q-SUN Xe-3, equipped with a large removable and removable flat sample tray, measuring 45 × 72 cm to accommodate large and 3D samples.  This model of tester uses 3 separate xenon lamps, which together with the reflective inner walls ensure maximum uniformity on the available surface. All Q-SUN Xe3 are equipped with the relative humidity control system and different versions are available with water spray system, back spray system, double spray and the chamber cooler (chiller).

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