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Q-Rack - Outdoor exposure racks

The Q-RACK aluminum displays are the same ones used at Q-Lab Florida and Arizona to perform outdoor natural exposure tests. Now you can buy these high-quality professional stands to make the outdoor displays in the place where you are.

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Arizona Site - Outdoor exposure testing

Q-Lab Arizona is among the largest desert exposure facilities in the world.  Q-Lab Arizona is located 30 miles west of Phoenix in the city of Buckeye, an area far from pollution from cars, industrial or agricultural areas. We offer outdoor natural exposure tests, Q-TRAC natural sun concentrator tests and sample evaluation services. These contract testing services are ISO 17025 certified.

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Florida Site - Outdoor exposure testing

Q-Lab Florida is the weather resistance test site, with the highest number of exposed samples in the world. Q-Lab Florida is located south of Miami, on the southern tip of Florida, the only true subtropical region of the United States. At Q-Lab Florida we offer natural weather exposure testing, accelerated laboratory testing, and sample evaluation services.  These contract testing services are ISO 17025 certified.

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Q-Trac (Arizona) - Sunlight concentrator testing

The Q-TRAC system uses a series of 10 mirrors to reflect and concentrate broad-spectrum sunlight onto the samples. In addition, the Q-TRAC system automatically follows the sun throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. The combination of mirrors and constant orientation towards the sun, maximizes the amount of exposure received by the sample.The Q-TRAC outdoor tester also has a water jet system that can be set to perform various cycles to simulate weathering in Florida or create thermal shocks. 

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