Film Application and Test Charts

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Elcometer 4361 - Spiral filmography

These spiral filmographs consist of a stainless steel-coated cylindrical bar, which is wound by a stainless steel wire. They are used to apply a predefined thickness to coatings with high levelling properties.

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Elcometer 3540 - Four-thickness film applicators

Elcometer 3540 quadrilateral film applicators are easy-to-clean instruments made with the utmost precision.

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Elcometer 3525 & 3530 - Baker Type Adjustable Film Applicators 

The Baker Elcometer 3525 and 3530 Type Adjustable Film Applicators models are manufactured using the latest machining techniques to ensure exceptional precision.

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Elcometer 4340 - Automatic Film Applicator

The Elcometer 4340 motorized film applicator is essential for the preparation of a wide range of product samples, including paints, varnishes, cosmetics and glue.

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Elcometer 4695 - Contrast cards

Elcometer supplies a wide range of Test Charts, from plain white to those having different patterns of black and white. Made from naturally bright, non-fluorescent white paper, these charts contain no optical brighteners that can affect instrumental colour measurements. Test Charts are the market standard in today’s coatings industry.

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Elcometer 3570 - Micrometric Film Applicators

The Elcometer 3570 micrometric film applicators, made of anodized aluminum, have a tank and a beveled blade applicator body; they are suitable for high-precision manual application of high viscosity fluids on relatively stable substrates.

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