DISPERMAT® LC dissolver​

DISPERMAT® LC dissolver​

Economy class up to 2.2 kW

Power: 0.3 - 2.2 kW

Product: 0,05 - 20 litres

Control: LC [Basic]

Innovation made in Germany: In combination with the modular dispersing and fine grinding systems the DISPERMAT® LC dissolver changes into APS Bead Mill, TORUSMILL® TML Basket Mill, CDS Vacuum Dispersion System, SR Rotor-Stator Homogenizer and ASC Scraper System.

 DISPERMAT®  Dispersion containers  Dissolver discs diameter
Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC55  0.125 - 10 litres  20 - 100 mm
 Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC75  0.125 - 10 litres  20 - 100 mm
 Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC110-12  0.125 - 25 litres  30 - 150 mm
 Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC110-6  0.125 - 25 litres
 60 - 150 mm
 Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC220-12  0.125 - 25 litres  30 - 175 mm
 Dissolver DISPERMAT® LC220-6  0.125 - 25 litres  60 - 175 mm

Adaptable Systems

APS Bead Mill

Modular bead mill for DISPERMAT® dissolvers.The addition of the modular APS bead mill converts the DISPERMAT® dissolver into a closed batch bead milling system.

CDS Vacuum Dispersion System

Modular vacuum system for DISPERMAT® dissolversThe CDS vacuum dispersion system enables the dispersion process in a completely closed system under vacuum.


Modular basket mill for DISPERMAT® dissolversThe addition of the modular TML basket mill converts the DISPERMAT® dissolver into an extremely efficient fine grinding system.

SR Rotor-Stator Homogenizer

Modular rotor-stator dispersion systemVertical high-performance rotor-stator systems for homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing and dissolving.

ASC Scraper System

Modular scraper system for DISPERMAT® dissolversASC scraper system for dispersing, stirring and mixing of high-viscosity and non-flowing substances.

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