Dispersers for laboratory and pilot plant​

DISPERMAT is available in version:

Explosion Proof; Vacuum; For high-Viscosity Product; Customizable

DISPERMAT® LC dissolver​

Economy class up to 2,2 kW with the basic LC control.​​ Power: 0.3 - 2.2 kW​ Product: 0,05 – 2 litres ​Control: LC [Basic]​


The original DISPERMAT® for the laboratory with the latest controls and electric height adjustment. ​Power: 0.75 - 1.5 kW Product: 0.05 – 15 litres​ Control: CV [Basic]​

DISPERMAT® CN dissolver​

Strong and versatile dissolvers up to 11 kW with electric height adjustment for laboratory and pilot plant. ​Power: 0.75 - 1.5 kW ​Product: 0.05 - 15 litres​ Control: CV [Basic]​

DISPERMAT® CA dissolver​

Quiet high‒power disperser ​for repeatable dispersion results​. Power: 0.55 - 2.5 Kw​ Product: 0.05 - 20 litres ​Control: C [Comfort]​

DISPERMAT® AE dissolver​

Powerful disperser up to 11 kW with extensive process control. ​Power: 0.55 - 11kW ​Product: 0.25 - 200 litres​ Control: C [Comfort]​

Explosion proof dispersers for laboratory and pilot plant

DISPERMAT® LC-EX dissolver​

Explosion-proof laboratory dispersers for zone 2 with electric height adjustment​. Power: 0.25 - 0.75 kW ​Product: 0.05 - 10 litres​ Control: LC-EX [Basic]​

DISPERMAT® AE-EX dissolver​

Powerful dispersers for hazardous areas according to zone 1/0 2014/34 EU product directive​. Power: 0.55 - 9.2 kW ​Product: 0.25 - 200 litres ​Control: C / M-EX [Comfort / Basic]​

Vacuum dispersers for laboratory and pilot plant

DISPERMAT® VE vacuum dissolver​

Dispersion under vacuum with various containers in a vacuum chamber. ​Power: 2.2 kW ​Product: 0.2 - 7 litres​ Control: C [Comfort]​

DISPERMAT® VL vacuum dissolver​

Dispersion under vacuum with single and double‒walled vacuum containers. ​Power: 2.2 - 7.5 kW​ Product: 4 - 80 litres ​Control: C [Comfort]​

Adaptable system - CDS vacuum dispersion system​

Modular vacuum system for DISPERMAT® dissolvers. ​​Product: 0.1 - 20 litres​

Adaptable system - CHS vacuum dispersion system​

Modular vacuum system with a mobile vacuum chamber. ​​Product: 2 - 45 litres​

Dissolvers for high-viscosity products for laboratory and pilot plant

DISPERMAT® LH vacuum dissolver​

Twin shaft disperser and butterfly stirrer for dispersing high‒viscosity or non‒flowing substances under vacuum. ​Power: 3 - 4 kW​ Product: 4 - 14 litres ​Control: C [Comfort]​

Adaptable system - ASC scraper system​

Modular scraping system for DISPERMAT® dissolvers​​. Product: 0.35 - 3.5 litres​

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