Density and Viscosity

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Elcometer 1800 - Density cup (Pycnometer)

The Elcometer 1800 is a precision stainless steel cup to determine the specific gravity or density of paints and similar products.

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Elcometer 2437 - Frikmar immersion cups for ISO / DIN / FORD / ASTM / BS viscosity

Performing viscosity checks on site or during the production process is a breeze with the Frikmar ISO Elcometer 2437 viscosity immersion cup, all thanks to its convenient handle that makes it incredibly easy to use.

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Elcometer 2351 - ForD/ASTM viscosity runoff cups

Measuring the consistency of paints, varnishes, and other related products has never been easier, thanks to the Elcometer 2351 FORD/ASTM Viscosity Flow Cups. These instruments are crafted from anodized aluminum and feature a stainless steel orifice, making them highly durable and user-friendly.

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Elcometer 2410 - Standard calibration oils for viscosity immersion cups

Elcometer 2410 standard viscosity cup calibration oils are used to check the calibration of a viscosity cup or to certify it for ISO purposes.

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