A Feast For    The Senses
Indulgent Food Experiences

After seemingly endless lockdowns and restrictions linked to the pandemic, consumers are hungry for novel food and beverage experiences in a newfound eagerness to live life to the fullest.


These days, health-conscious consumers are redefining “indulgence”: it no longer has to mean gorging on rich or processed food. Indulgence can be found in enjoying a diverse array of carefully-prepared foods with fresh flavours and healthy ingredients. It also comes from appealing to all the senses in a single bite.


Discover what consumers are looking for:

New experiences


Innovators are responding with new ways to sate this hunger for new experiences, leading to the development of exciting new products.


One product, multiple flavours


According to Ibid, approximately 37% of US consumers want to see more technological collaborations to create indulgent flavours, textures and/or format combinations. This trend will lead to unexpected combinations of ingredients in food products, offering consumers the chance to taste something they have never tried before. Innovators can use the opportunity to introduce new ingredients and challenge consumers’ expectations. Consumers are willing to pay more for this indulging experience.


Expert Q&A 

Wanlin Koh, Regional Technical Manager at IMCD Singapore explains how brands can make the most of consumers' desire for indulgent experiences.


How can brands create novel sensory experiences for consumers?

"Indulgence claims around texture and flavour are gaining popularity. On one hand, indulgence has expanded beyond merely stronger flavours. Bolder and more exciting flavour choices are now available. In the beverage area, for example, ingredients with botanical flavours such as spices, herbs and seeds are being combined with conventional fruit flavours and tea elements. Texture is also being emphasised in premium product positioning. Brands know how words and descriptions can reinforce new textural experiences."


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Cake Lolly

An unexpected twist on a candy classic

According to Innova Database 2020, three in five global consumers want to try new sensory experiences like aromas, tastes, textures and colours. Moreover, consumers are also looking more and more for sustainable and healthy products

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Sustainability & Indulgence 
go hand in hand

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