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With a deep understanding of consumer trends, production processes and end-quality issues, we proactively ask you to bring us your application challenges. 

We can partner at a local level to feed your innovation pipeline, showcasing new ideas to your marketing and R&D teams via ready-to-eat samples and workshops.

At IMCD Food & Nutrition, our market-focused teams are active locally in all corners of the world. We host regular Insight Days at our facilities to share our application knowledge and global best practices with customers, as well as holding training sessions to inspire our team.

Get in touch to find out how our technical experts can solve your formulation challenges.

Meet the team

We have experts who work side-by-side with our customers. Together, we open new frontiers and develop the most innovative solutions on the market.  

At IMCD Italy, we take Ice-cream very seriously

There is nothing better than developing delicious ice cream formulations in the country of Gelato! IMCD Food & Nutrition Pilot Plant in Italy is a focused application lab designed to accelerate the product development experience and inspire innovation. With its trend-driven formulation support and dedicated experts per market segment, the IMCD team in Italy is ready to help you leverage your ice cream portfolio.

Food & nutrition

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