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Vegan Fish Bites

Plant-based foods are growing in popularity. More and more consumers want to reduce their consumption of meat and fish and even become vegetarians. Our Vegan-Fish Bites respond to this trend.
Vegan fish bites with salad on plate

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New Food Adventures

IMCD's vegan Fish Bites concept is a response to the growing appetite of health-conscious consumers for vegan food, with an authentic texture and delicious taste.
Consumer Trends

Consumers are showing a more mindful approach to food every day. They are looking for sustainable and plant-based products that are good for them and for the planet.Our vegan Fish Bites are the perfect answer: the ideal symbiosis between health and deliciousness.

Breaded fish with potato wedges mushed peas and tartar sauce on plate
Product requirements

Vegan Fish-Bites should resemble as much as possible the familiar taste and texture of fish sticks. The plant-based version is designed to bridge the taste gap between real fish and the vegan alternative.

Scientists testing food concept ideas
Technical challenges

The biggest challenges in making a vegan fish substitute are combining authentic taste and texture, choosing the right protein source, and using the right food colouring. Delivering the right consumption experience is an important part of developing a successful product. We are very happy to help you with this!

The Vegane Fish Bites

Our Vegan Fish Bites offer a healthy and more sustainable alternative to fish. They are prepared like conventional fish fingers and not only taste comparably but can also keep up visually. In addition, they have a high protein content and are classified with Nutri-Score "B".
Concept Highlights
  • High protein:
    Combination of texturized pea protein with a blend of pea and rice protein
  • High in fibre:
    beta-glucans improve gut health
  • Natural flavours:
    tailored flavour for plant proteins and the typical fish flavour
  • Vegan / Vegetarian
Raw material functionalities
  • Flavouring agents with masking properties mask the inherent taste of plant-based proteins.

  • High-quality texturized plant protein with the typical texture of fish.

  • A low-temperature gelling modified cellulose with excellent emulsifying properties.

  • Functional native starches gelatinize in cold water and improve bite and mouthfeel. 

  • Calcium carbonate neutralizes the colour of the texturized pea protein.