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Oat Drink Base

Tasty, plant-based milk alternative with high nutritional value: Our Oat Drink Base is the perfect answer to consumers' current needs.
Oatdrink in glass with oatmeal swimming on the surface.

Plant-based drinks – milk alternatives made from oats are in demand

Our IMCD technical experts Katja Wilmes and Tim Maes have developed a naturally vegan oat drink base in our technical centre of expertise in Mechelen/Belgium that is tailored to current nutrition trends and takes into account the needs of consumers and manufacturers. After all, in the production of plant-based oat drinks, it is not only the processes that are crucial for manufacturers, but also the use of the right raw materials.

For this reason, we would like to show you in the following video how to produce a tasty oat drink base in simple steps and with just a few ingredients.

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Oat drinks: The delicious, vegan milk substitute made from high-quality raw materials with the need-based add-on of vitamins, minerals, proteins and flavours.

Plant-based beverages are on the rise and the Growing Greener food trend featured in our Trend Commentary continues to grow. Consumers are looking for:

  • sustainable,
  • healthy and
  • plant-based alternatives,
  • that have at least the same nutritional value as animal products.

The product category "milk alternatives" is a rapidly expanding market – especially with the raw material oats. That's why IMCD has formulated a vegan, lactose-free oat drink base with our partners' high-quality raw materials. Ask for the recipe and see our IMCD trend concept for yourself.

The IMCD Oat Drink Base

Our oat drink base allows an individual expansion of the basic recipe with vitamins, minerals, flavours and colourings. Together with you, we develop your products such as vegan chocolate drinks or lactose-free sports drinks entirely according to your wishes and without compromising on taste, colouring and mouthfeel.


Product requirements

The oat drink base should be in no way inferior in colour and consistency to the animal product and be usable as a versatile base for milk alternative drinks without a dominant oat flavour. 


Technical challenges

Oat drinks that meet current consumer demands and make a vegan diet possible are a challenge for manufacturers. To optimally achieve the creamy consistency and sweet taste of milk-based drinks, we use high-quality enzymes from our partner DSM.

Concept highlights of the IMCD oat drink base:
  • kosher & halal approved
  • plant-based
  • tasty
  • pleasant mouthfeel
  • Oat drink base can be enriched with vitamins and minerals, gellan gum, natural colours and (natural) flavours as required.
  • high in protein
  • Nutri-Score: A
Ingredient functionality
  • Vitamins & Minerals: can be customised to meet individual customer needs. Blend of vitamins and minerals helps to achieve the same nutritional properties as milk.
  • Oat flour: Heat-treated, very fine oat flour to produce an oat base.
  • Natural colours or colouring foods: create an appealing colour to the product.
  • Gellan Gum: High performance gelling agent to achieve a full body, pleasant mouth feel and suspension of particles such as minerals and fibre.
  • Enzymes: processing aids for liquefying starch and saccharifying dextrins.
  • CanolaPRO®: even if not included in the original base formulation, the vegetable protein source from the rapeseed plant can be supplemented, e.g. for protein shakes.

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