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Instant Vegan Burger

The instant solution for the home. Vegan burger patties ready in 30 minutes by simply adding water.
Laughing woman bites into a burger with a sesame bun.

Ready, Set, GO! Instant vegan burger – high in protein, high in fibre and ready in no time!

Consumers want to integrate healthy, plant-based foods into their diet without sacrificing enjoyment. After all, Generation Health eats (environmentally) consciously! The biggest opportunities for food producers are good taste, high nutritional value and ... the time factor. In the BMEL Nutrition Report 2022, more than half of those surveyed said that they would like to prepare their food quickly and easily!

The new food concept from our IMCD expert kitchen masters the megatrends of the food industry in no time. Our vegan instant burger patties are:

  • healthy with a Nutri-Score A,
  • vegan,
  • without artificial additives,
  • delicious,
  • cost- and energy-saving,
  • easy and quick to prepare.

Find out more about the latest meat-analogue product innovation from our IMCD Germany Food & Nutrition experts: Healthy nutrition meets sustainable raw materials with full flavour - in 30 minutes on your plate!

Get in touch with us and convince yourself of our new trend concept with our uncomplicated RTU kits (Ready to Use)!

The IMCD Instant Vegan Burger: Healthy Inside Out

Our meatless burger concept aims to meet the growing demand for vegan products with high nutritional value. The powder for our burger patty is a cost-effective solution, scores with an extended shelf life, is easy to store and not only saves energy during preparation, but also time during preparation: Simply add ice-cold water, mix and let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After that, the end consumer only has to shape the burger mixture and cook it in the pan.  


Product requirements

Consumer demands on meat substitutes are clear: consumers want the typical mouthfeel and delicious taste when they bite into a vegan or vegetarian burger. In addition to authentic colour, taste and meat-like bite, the focus is on saving time and ease of use.


Technical challenges

With instant product innovations, the right texture and bite are the particular challenges. The addition of ice-cold water helps to hydrate the burger mixture to be able to form the burgers. The binding of the individual components in the burger patty should remain stable, both in the raw and cooked state. The key is to get a quick gelation of the starches and hydrocolloids. Another trick is the colour change from bloody red to a natural brown shade when heated.

Concept highlights of the IMCD Instant Vegan Burger:
  • Nutri-Score: A
  • high in protein
  • high fibre
  • long shelf life
  • instant / quick preparation
  • sustainable
  • cost-effective alternative to Ready to Eat products
  • Great tasting plant-based burger with meaty-like texture and good cuttability.
Ingredient functionality

  • Textured sunflower protein: once hydrated, it adds structure and texture to the burger and improves bite.
  • Fava bean protein isolate: ability to bind water and fat, improves nutritional values through a balanced amino acid profile and high fibre content, and also has emulsifying properties.
  • Oat fibre: enriches the burger with fibre and also improves bite and texture, adding juiciness to the burger.
  • Methylcellulose: binds and stabilizes the burger when cooked.
  • Corn starch: the clean-label starch increases firmness for a meat-like bite.
  • Alginate: stabilizes the burger mass and helps the patties to form well and the individual components to hold together.
  • Colouring foodstuff: The mixture of concentrates of various natural foods, e.g. beetroot concentrate and acerola cherry juice powder allows a colour change from bloody red to a natural brown when pan frying.
  • Natural flavours: The mixture of different flavours enables a meaty and at the same time spicy taste as well as the masking of the vegetable protein.

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