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Skin Care

Inspiring the innovation of skin care applications for every skin concern, type, age, gender and ethnicity.

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Sun Care

Ensuring optimal skin protection and long-term damage prevention from all types of sun exposure conditions.

Hair Care

Offering a unique range of high-performance hair care ingredients, from hair cleansing to expert hair & scalp treatments.

Asian woman puts make-up on her face with coloured cosmetics
Color Cosmetics

Creating colorfull, versatile and effective color cosmetic products to suit the diversity of skin type and color, whatever the product application.

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Enhancing product performance and consumer experience in personal hygiene.

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Designing powerful and long-lasting innovative fragrances for specific applications and everyone who enjoys a good odour.

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Oral Care 

Smiling makes you feel good and is a door-opener for many occasions. We provide you with the solutions to create good oral care for healthy teeth, gums and tongue.

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