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Fragrances that capture the soul of Italian territories: discover the Bella Italia collection.

Riace, Sardinia, Marmolada, Boboli, Mongibello, an olfactory journey through Italy, where beauty and fragrances blend in perfect harmony.
Blue is an exclusive capsule collection dedicated to marine and aquatic fragrances. Waves and wind, seas and oceans, light blue and deep blue.

Blue is sought-after and fresh fragrances, ozonic notes that bring to mind the blue of infinity.

Blue wave, Citrus ocean, Caribbean water, Cliff wind, Aromatic sea.

Capturing the smell of the sea, celebrating the vigorous force of the wind, giving the skin the essence of water.
Blue evokes sand and saltiness, the sun in your eyes and the sea in front of you.

Blue is five fragrances, one colour: BLUE COLLECTION.
Spring - Summer 2024
Hair Care Collection
Beauty Routine Solid, the fragrance collection created for solid cosmetics and cleansing.

Beauty Glow, Pure Bliss, Revive Fresh, Top Elixir and Dreamy Delight, each with its own unique, enveloping scent.

Be inspired by the fragrance collection created for your daily beauty routine.
Natural Sweet is an exclusive capsule collection dedicated to natural and eco-friendly fragrances.

Royal Cake, Flo Flo Peach, Fizzy Life, Goody Spice and Gold Caramel.

Fruity and floral fragrances, certifiable and made from natural raw materials. A collection that respects the environment, the person and nature, the result of careful selection, accurate research and harmony.

Natural Sweet is five fragrances, one frame: Nature.

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